Funeral Homes and Prices

You won’t believe the difference in prices between funeral homes – for the same things! Important! If you aren’t planning to use the funeral home for a viewing or service, you can choose based on price, not location (more on location here and here). Pennsylvania Funeral Homes sorted by price of Direct Cremation
How to Shop for and Least Expensive Direct Cremation The simplest and least expensive burial option is Immediate Burial, but it is what it sounds like; the funeral director picks up the body and arranges for burial at a time convenient for them. However, many funeral directors are willing to negotiate a reasonable extra charge to have a graveside service and/or for family to be present for the burial.
Pennsylvania Funeral Homes sorted by price of Immediate Burial Remember that unless you plan to use the funeral home for a viewing or service, you do not need to use a funeral home that is nearby. Pennsylvania Funeral Homes sorted by Town Funeral Homes with Prices and way too much other info. Truly overwhelming. However, this is where you can see the errors we found on their price lists – VERY interesting!

Don’t see a funeral home listed? That’s because we don’t have their General Price List. Call them and ask them to send it to you, then send it to us so we can include the information and help more people. 

Other helpful information for funeral planning:

Ten Tips for Saving Funeral Dollars Simple and Cheap, My Father Said How to Read a Funeral Home Price List If you buy a casket at a store or online, funeral homes cannot charge you a handling or other fee.


Thinking about pre-paying? We don’t recommend it except in certain circumstances such as spending down for Medicaid. See what the Funeral Consumers Alliance has to say about it here and the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs brief.

Can’t Afford the Funeral?

We do not offer any financial assistance, but in addition to the many tips on how to save money, here are some ideas and other sources.

What to Do When You Can’t Afford a Funeral Veteran’s Benefits Crime Victims Infant Deaths Department of Human Services Benefits Car Accidents – Some funeral expense may be covered by auto insurance as long as one hasn’t purchased the absolute minimum required PIP coverage. Since it is only a few dollars more each month, most insurers encourage drivers to buy PIP insurance that will pay up to $1,000 for funeral expenses. One may also purchase optional, additional PIP coverage that will pay up to $5,000 or $10,000.

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